Martinsburg Pet Sitting offers a wide range of services to suit the needs of the average working family in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. Our services are designed to make your work week easier on both your pets and you. We offer the following services to our clients:

Martinsburg Pet Sitting

In-Home Dog Visits and Walks

Let’s face it, between the work day and the commute, working adults in the Eastern Panhandle spend 10 to 12 hours per day away from home. That’s a long time for your dog(s) to be alone without any breaks. Let us set your mind at ease and provide some much needed daytime activity for your dog. We’ll spend up to 30 minutes per visit giving your dog the potty break, playtime, feeding, and and loving attention he or she needs. We can spend the visit taking a brisk walk or playing outside for active pooches, or we’ll be happy to spend it inside issuing belly rubs to those lovable couch potatoes. We tailor our visits to each pet’s personality and needs. Visits begin at $20 each (for up to 2 dogs).

Kitty Visits

Hey, cats get lonely, too! Let us come over and love on your feline friend while you’re at work. While we’re there, we’ll also feed them, scoop their box, give them treats, and engage them in stimulating play with their favorite toy(s). Cat visits last around 30 minutes depending on the cat’s willingness to be our friend. Again, we tailor our visits to each pet’s personality and needs.Visits begin at $20 each (for up to 3 cats).

Vet or Grooming Transportation

Do you have a vet or grooming appointment that you just can’t make because of work or other prior commitments? We’ll get your pet safely where they need to be, whether we’re just dropping them off or you need us to wait around and bring them home. Pricing begins at $25  (flat fee) per pet for existing clients, or $35 per pet + wait time (if needed) as a stand-alone service.

Add-On Charges:

  • +$5 per visit for locations over 12 miles from zip 25404
  • +$5 per pet per visit for any more than two dogs or three cats
  • +$10 per visit for New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day
  • +$10 per visit for same-day emergency visits
  • +$10 per visit BEFORE 8am or AFTER 6pm
  • +$15 per pet for administration of medicine (pills, liquids, and topicals only)

Don’t see what your pet needs covered here? Send us a message, and we’ll put together a plan specifically tailored for your pet’s individual needs!