Martinsburg Pet Sitting

Martinsburg Pet Sitting is owned and solely-operated by me, Christine Raznoff. That means you won’t have to worry about your pets being taken care of by an assistant (I don’t even have one of those), an inexperienced employee (I don’t want one of those), or even my husband – and trust me, he knows animals! A little about me…

I’ve cared for animals my entire life. Growing up, we always had pets. Once I was on my own, I couldn’t bare the idea of living without a pet, so I got my first cat – a big ol’ fat tabby named Tigger. I soon added a second cat, Alabaster, because who can have just one? By the time I met and moved in with my (then future) husband, we had five cats between us. Most of the time, living with five cats feels like living with a little band of Ninjas that are secretly trying to kill you – until they reach out and touch your face with their little paw while they’re laying on your chest. (By the way, that’s how they keep your guard down.)

I’ve administered just about every medicine imaginable to both dogs and cats, even doing the sub-cutaneous fluid routine with my beloved Tigger. I have experience with a wide variety of dog breeds, and I personally don’t think there’s such a thing as an aggressive breed, so you won’t find any size or breed restrictions with me. I’m an equal-opportunity dog lover. I do have more experience with large dogs than small dogs, but I’ve never met a dog that didn’t immediately love me, or that I didn’t eventually win over. Because I will win them over. I’m not above bribery!

I currently live in Martinsburg with my husband, two dogs – Jasper and Nutley – and four cats – Smokey, PT, Sweetpea, and Willy, the one-eyed wonder cat, my latest rescue who was saved from the hard streets of Baltimore and rehabilitated by a wonderfully kind animal lover.

Feel free to reach out to me by email, onĀ Facebook, or by phone anytime at (304) 620-2178.

I hope to meet you and your furbabies soon!